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At present, Tangshan Blue Cat Beverage Group Co., Ltd owns advanced production lines of Zip-top canned jujube juice, 30,000-ton PET bottled jujube juice, 20,000-ton fruit milk, glass bottled jujube juice, tetra packaging jujube juice. All the equipments adopt the automatic program-controlled system and all the core equipments are imported. The group creates the advanced technique of sugar extraction by pre-evaporation, superhigh temperature instant antiseptic technology, asepsis cold filling technology and liquid nitrogen injection technology. The advanced equipment and technologies ensure premium quality of our products.

In 2012, Tangshan Blue Cat Beverage Group Co., Ltd. invested over US$2 million to purchase advanced instruments and equipment for the research and development and established the first-class technology and research system of wild jujube drinks, which ensure the nutrition ingredient of the wild jujube not to be damaged, especially for the precious vitamin C.





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